Annual Operations Planning Digital Events
Snacks Studio


Bringing PepsiCo Annual Operations Planning (AOP) meetings fully virtual during the pandemic with custom, branded experiences for the popular consumer brands. These digital events were hosted on the website, EventMobi, and then heavily customized or coded from scratch and hosted independently with a video feed added to the website in an embedded iFrame.


Creative direction, web design, web development

"Flawlessly done. Thank you so very much for everything that you did to make these two days such a great experience – for the viewers AND the presenters" - Leslie Nagy, PepsiCo

In 2021, Snacks designed and developed over a dozen digital events events for PepsiCo Annual Operations Planning (AOP) meetings. Due to COVID-19 protocols, PepsiCo held these events remotely.

Whereas these events would typically be held in person with a corresponding broadcast for employees who were not able to join, the fully-digital approach afforded the global company a number of benefits. Ironically, the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic allowed for the very dispersed workforce to bond more closely than ever before.

Although these events last only a few hours each, the planning and effort required to bring all the pieces together cannot be understated. Offering creative creative and front-end development services for these events required regular interaction with the design agency—Creative Dimensions, the production house—Michael Andrews Audio Visual (MAAV), and a range of people representing various brands under the PepsiCo umbrella.

"Just a remarkable job building a platform that was technologically seamless, and incredibly easy to use. It was engaging and functional. The feedback so far has been great!" - Michael Levy, PepsiCo

Coordinating the design and content deliverables for the production of each digital platform led to repeated successes for the different teams within PepsiCo who tuned in for these large events that introduced new products, company directives, and performance goals.

With significant commitments and investment in the video production for each event, it was paramount that the visual identity remained consistent through to the platform design. Employees enjoyed a cohesive and engaging experience each time they tuned in to see what was new with different PepsiCo brands.

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