Reintroducing the GraphConnect User Conference
Snacks Studio


Returning to a live presence for 2022, GraphConnect represents the largest user conference for graph developers and enthusiasts. Snacks offered extensive creative direction leading up to the event in Austin, TX that amounted to web design, development, pre-event marketing, presentation design, partner integration, among many other things.


Creative direction, design system development, web design, web development, marketing strategy, graphic standards, partner integration

For the Request For Proposal presentation, Snacks devised a concept wherein we would represent the company's brand and product back to them. To achieve this, Snacks referenced the indelible CSS pun. we reached out to a programmer who had experience with the Neo4j coding language, Cypher, to ensure our messaging would read as accurately as possible. With our prepared messages correctly 'translated' into Cypher, we color-coordinated the proper language to emulate a development environment such as those provided by Neo4j.

For the chapter pages of the presentation, the concept represented the core product of Neo4j back to its stakeholders in a unique way that underscored the relational nature of the company’s software. “Connections” and “nodes” also influenced by the company’s software provided copious, secondary visual support.

Double hashes accompanied the titles for each slide to reinforce the messaging struck a chord with the audience. To visualize how the attendee journey for GraphConnect could start well before the start of the event and continue to play a key role after the event ended, we worked with a data engineer at the digital events platform, EventMobi, to create a mock data set to represent attendees at the GraphConnect conference.

Using a custom fields feature in the EventMobi interface, we defined a set of variables to categorize attendees in different ways. EventMobi provides a way for its users to export all data collected during digital events hosted on their website. We provided the exported data in CSV format to the contracted Cypher engineer we had reached out to for help with the puns to show the number of connections derived from attendees at an event such as GraphConnect.

Neo4j loved the concept of displaying actual attendee connection points at the live GraphConnect conference. This level of integration and engagement underlined the value and potential for attendees and sponsors alike. Our intention was to make something useful, engaging, and entertaining for everyone at the conference. This exact demonstration in the RFP was recreated during the actual GraphConnect conference with anonymized data from the conference attendees. You can watch that demo here.

In addition to the RFP concept and design, Snacks provided an extensive set of Event Guidelines with guidance on translating the GraphConnect brand across all touch-points and marketing channels. This included digital and physical samples, custom presentation templates, custom, event-specific iconography, and website design for the user conference scheduled to be held in Austin, TX.

The website design unfolded in phases with the introduction being heavily influenced by the parent company’s style guide and promoting a Save The Date calendar reminder for the first couple of months. For the second phase, the design language defined in the Event guidelines brought new life to the online presence and impression for first-time visitors.

The event-specific colors and distinct shape of the event mark defined the new look and help establish the conference as its own entity within Neo4j that still maintains close alignment with the larger brand. The GraphConnect logo was designed in-house by the Neo4j creative team.

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