North America Sales Kickoff
Snacks Studio


At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lenovo adopted for digital sales kickoff event instead of its usual in-person and add-on webinar approach. For this digital event, Lenovo selected the web-based, digital events platform, EventMobi, to host the event online for its North American sales force.


Web design, Strategy, Partner integrations, Web development

EventMobi provides a website with different pages to serve as “stages” and provides commenting, polling, and networking features. Using Lenovo’s provided visual identity package based on their newly revamped branding, Snacks heavily customized the React-based website platform to create a very tailored experience for the Lenovo employees who joined during the three-day webinar.

In addition to adapting the brand’s patterns, gradients, and media library assets to the platform’s interface, additional pages for business partners were also designed and developed to match their respective brands.

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