Learning and Educating Through Uncertainty
Snacks Studio


In Spring 2021, Lenovo partnered with Google, Microsoft, and Intel to host a free webinar to discuss the theme of “Learning and Educating Through Uncertainty” and to present new products and software solutions tailored for education institutions.


Creative direction, web design, web development

The co-sponsored webinar and online resource centered was designed with Lenovo’s branding along with custom, branded sponsor pages. The single-day event was hosted on the website, EventMobi, which offers a web-based, digital event website template.

Due to the EventMobi web app being intended for mobile use at in-person events, adapting the respective branding for each sponsor page and supporting page made this a sort of reverse website design effort wherein single, fixed columns needed to be broken and rebuilt for desktop-sized screens.

The resulting design invited visitors to download specification sheets for new education-focused products from the Lenovo lineup and learn about Lenovo’s vision for engaging business partners and K-12 schools during the challenges presented by the global pandemic.

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