Diversity and Inclusion Playbook for North America and China
Snacks Studio


Working with Lenovo team members in USA and China, Snacks designed a comprehensive resource for Lenovo employees all around the world to expand their diversity and inclusion awareness and incorporate an active mindset of D&I into their daily interactions with their colleagues.


Design, Project management

The team authored four tenants for what they defined as Inclusive Leadership. Lenovo believes that these foundational behaviors should be adopted by all of its employees to foster a safe, welcoming community in order for them to deliver smarter solutions in their markets.

The final result from weeks of collaboration with Lenovo was a printed playbook translated in both English and Mandarin that included situational case studies. Quizzes and additional resources were provided to outline recommended actions employees should take in similar contexts that they may find themselves in throughout their career.

Design for the playbook utilized the brand’s new ‘Alpha Pattern’, ‘Smarter Gradients’, and backlog of imagery from the company’s media library.

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