Remoteless Control Interface
Snacks Studio


Working with the Comcast Development team at the Denver Media Center, I designed a fully remote-less experience for controlling a Comcast Set Top Box. Utilizing the hand gesture software from Leap Motion, we assigned unique hand gestures to define the click of a button on a traditional remote control.


Concept, Web design, Web development

The hand tracking cameras found in the Leap Motion controller capture the subtlety and complexity of natural hand movements. To maximize usability and accessibility, I designed an interface with two primary menus to account for the most common remote functions and the top-level sub-menus of the IPTV architecture.

These menus were hidden by default, but callable upon hovering with a mouse. The translation of a mouse hover to a ray-casted gesture input meant that customary accessibility standards carried extra weight in the design process. Buttons were made to be intentionally large for maximum effectiveness of every wave of the user’s hand.

With only a finger, users navigated a custom Comcast IPTV interface modeled after the company’s X1 guidelines, and “pinched” to “click” button commands that were mapped to different key commands in the out of the box remote.

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