Product Design
Delightful, digital experiences for everyone.
Snacks Studio

We design and build engaging, digital products that reflect your brand’s vision and make every interaction something special. Everything we design is meant to leave users with a memorable experience. By reducing the cost of interaction and prioritizing natural user behavior, we aim to solve problems in a frictionless and enjoyable way.

We design for feel and purpose. There are a hundred ways to code a square. Just as well, there are a hundred ways you can build a lead generation form. Whereas many products cut corners due to time constraints or convenience, we proudly obsess over the choices that we know will make the difference.

Baked into everything we make are details that are intended to serve and delight. We believe products should have a defined use and should be fun to use. We know how to make offensive cookie popups, but we will not allow that knowledge to corrupt an otherwise enjoyable experience.

A well-made product holds an intrinsic power to motivate users to engage with it.

While there is a certain nuance and fuzzy measurability when it comes to details like box shadows, rounded corners, and cubic bezier curve values, we stand proudly on this soap box and insist that considered choices will make a significant difference for your product. Customers will recall their experiences with subtle joy.

Too often, digital products phone-in interactions or unfortunately lose connection to the larger brand. We take pride in what we make and believe that every product offers the opportunity for playful exploration. Through engaged users we will create value for your product.

Our approach to product design is based on a strong partnership with you and understanding of your goals. Through an extensive discovery phase, we will define measures of success and problems that need to be solved. You are our starting point and guiding light.

Through understanding you objectives fully, we will plan, deliver, and evaluate solutions tailored just for you.

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